Quite Frankly The Band began when five middle schoolers decided to turn their musical ambition into reality and create a band beyond their education at the Overland Park KS School of Rock. Bassist Scout Matthews began hosting practices out of her garage and with the help of her family, renovated her home’s basement for rehearsal space. Ever since, Quite Frankly has been committed to perfecting its sound, which revisits a decades-old rock that transcends generational divides.

They are talented well beyond their years, whether re-creating the music of everyone from Led Zeppelin, the Allman Brothers and Stevie Wonder to Fugazi and Weezer or showing off their own polished, well-crafted songwriting chops. Beyond the flashy musicianship, their energy and enthusiasm will also impress you.
— TIM FINN || Kansas City Music Critic

Their current six members, including founding members Scout Matthews and Nate Gregory, are all between the ages of 13 and 15. The band is best known in the Kansas City area for providing high energy, crazy-fun performances, gaining attention by winning the Nelson Atkins Teen Battle of The Bands 2018 and playing shows at multiple local venues during First Fridays in the Crossroads Arts District. The band has also performed at Kauffman Stadium and the Nashville Country Music Hall of Fame.  These go-getters played 42 professional shows in 2018!

Working with Quite Frankly as their producer has been a highlight of the last few years! This group has all the grit and drive you’d want from a rock band, but with the levelheaded maturity you’d expect to find in a veteran group. They may be young, but Quite Frankly is rewriting the rulebook on American rock ‘n’ roll.
— MATT RICHARDS || Owner/Producer Avenue Record Company

Their latest single “Volcano” was released in late December 2018, but the band is eager to be in the studio as soon as possible in early 2019 with several new offerings.